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22.  Weblogs and Libraries
(November 2003)
As information professionals, librarians need to keep abreast of the latest news, trends and developments in the library field in order to stay current as well as for professional developments purposes. At the same time, they evaluate, select and disseminate information for the information seekers. Libraries on the other hand, need to let their users know what is new and available in their libraries. This is done by using newsletters, press releases, or their websites. However, there is another form of internet communication that has drawn attention among librarians and the libraries that helps to make all of the above easier weblogs. This topical brief describes the concept of weblog, provides an overview of weblogs in the library and information world, the benefits of weblogs and examples of library weblogs.
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23.  Copyright and Libraries
(October 2003)
This topical brief focuses on the concept of copyright issues, especially in the library context. It looks at the theoretical explanation of copyright and how it will impact the library services.
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24.  Marketing and Promotion of Library Services
(September 2003)
In an age where we need to compete among the myriad of Internet content providers and fight for the limited attention span of our library patrons, marketing and promotion of our services are paramount to our survival. Whether our library is part of a profit-making organisation or a wholly public-good institution, successful marketing can support its overall objectives. Marketing can help the library to earn the revenue by meeting the needs of a targeted segment of customers who use our charged services. And if our service is completely free of charge, promotion helps to ensure our services are known and appreciated by our users.
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