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13.  Public Library Services for Children (Part 2)
(August 2004)
This second installment on “Public Library Services for Children” continues from Part 1, which was published last month. It will first describe two methods that can be used to measure and evaluate children’s library services. This is followed by a list of library associations and organisations that conduct research on children’s library services. Examples of libraries with good children’s collections and services are then highlighted.
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14.  Public Library Services for Children (Part 1)
(July 2004)
This topical brief on “Public Library Services for Children” will be spread over two CONSAL Brief issues. Part 1, which constitutes this month’s issue, first looks at the definition of children’s library services and its development followed by the aims and objectives of providing children’s services. The next section describes how children’s librarians can effectively manage children’s library services, with regard to the users of the service, collection development, promotion and outreach, reference and information services, library design and facilities, and staff competencies and qualifications.Part 2 will be published in August 2004.
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15.  Organisational Learning and Libraries
(June 2004)
This topical brief looks at the concept of organisational learning. It examines several issues, like the differences between organisational learning and learning organisation. Different perspectives of organisational learning are given. In addition, characteristics of leading learning organisations are presented. A framework for turning the University of Maryland Libraries into a learning organisation is also provided. By way of conclusion, the challenges facing libraries and information professionals are examined.
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