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37.  Performing Arts Libraries
(August 2002)
This brief aims to provide readers with an introduction to performing arts libraries. It will begin with an overview and definition of the performing arts and performing arts libraries. This is followed by a brief look at the history and development of performing arts libraries. The next section describes how librarians can effectively manage performing arts collection in terms of collection development (policies, selection, acquisition), technical services (cataloguing, processing, binding, conservation, preservation) and copyright issues for the music, dance, theatre and film collections. Examples of national, public and academic libraries with performing arts collections are given next. Finally, a list of online resources and recommended readings conclude the brief.
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38.  Library as Place
(July 2002)
The march towards the virtual library has been steady and concerted: electronic resources have been included in the core collections of a library; virtual visitors outnumber foot traffic in many libraries; and librarians are encouraged to acquire skills that will make them "cyberians". However, there are voices in this march that ring out the death of the physical library, that the library as a place in the physical landscape will be no more. Is this true? The purpose of this brief is to re-look the assumptions behind this unsettling train of thought and to address the future of the physical library.
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39.  Virtual Reference Services
(June 2002)
This brief aims to provide an insight to developments in virtual reference services, particularly those that developed out of the basic reference enquiry service. Based on traditional reference desk services, the virtual counterparts have evolved into a different hybrid altogether. This brief covers aspects of AskA services or ask-an-expert via virtual means, ranging from emails to chat to videoconferencing. Virtual reference services are enhanced further by collaborations and new models of operating. However, this brief does not cover the broader aspects of virtual collections, digitisation and copyright issues.
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