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1.  Competencies of the 21st Century Librarian
(August 2006)
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2.  Government Information Services
(February 2006)
This CONSAL Brief issue takes a look at how libraries and information services support a more robust government. In particular, this issue will examine the importance of information and research in the work of governments, especially with the move towards evidence-based policy-making and legislation. This is followed by a discussion of some of the types and information providers governments typically draw on. Such providers range from attached ministry libraries to commercial research firms. Higher-end services provided by some government libraries in the US and UK are also visited.
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3.  Public Libraries as Social Learning Spaces
(November 2005)
A social learning space can be defined as a place where interactive learning takes place, where ideas are exchanged and a sense of community is forged. This brief focuses on the physical spaces in public libraries that provide the opportunity for interaction and networking, and build the social skills and confidence of the users. It looks at the different forms of social learning activities for the various target groups and what public libraries in the world are doing with regards to instituting the "social learning" aspect into their library systems.
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