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Strategic Partners

CONSAL WEB’s Strategic Partnership programme can work with your library, organisation or company to create a relationship that will open you to the CONSAL online communities. CONSAL WEB is fortunate to have established business alliances with the following companies. To find out more about the details of each relationship, please click on the name of the individual companies listed below.


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Linking to CONSAL WEB

Adding a link to CONSAL WEB from your web page is easy. Just follow these steps. Cut the following HTML and paste it into your web page where you want to place the logo.

Please Note: Please e-mail [email protected] so that we can notify you when we make changes to our site which affect the link or logo display.

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Partnership FAQ

1. What is CONSAL WEB?

CONSAL WEB's is a community portal premised on building a cohesive Southeast Asian library professional community on-line. The CONSAL WEB is the communication and collaboration infrastructure that connects librarians in the region towards a common objective and purpose.

2. What does Partnership Marketing do?

CONSAL WEB's Partnership Marketing team works with organizations interested in supporting the community development.

3. Who are CONSAL WEB's partners?

To see a list of our partners, please go to the section on CONSAL WEB's Strategic Partners.

4. What kinds of partnerships does CONSAL WEB have?

We work with each of our partners on a case-by-case basis to provide each partner with the best possible solution. Some partners are just looking for ways to link to CONSAL WEB (see instructions on Linking to NL page), other partners are looking for more extensive or customised relationships. More extensive relationships can include co-branding or treatment of custom search forms, vertical topic area searching, searching a partner's proprietary content, or any combination of data from CONSAL WEB.

5. Where can I get more information about partnerships?

Please contact the Secretariat at [email protected].

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Partnership Contact Form

Fields marked with an * are mandatory

1. Contact Information
Name: *
E-mail Address: *
Phone Number:
2. About Your Site
Your Web Site Address: * http://
Date your site launched:
(or will launch if not currently active):
Description of your site: *
Number of monthly page views:
Number of monthly unique users:
Monthly growth rate:
Ideas for working with CONSAL WEB: *
Additional Questions:

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