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V. Permanent Secretariat
  1. Appointment
    1. The CONSAL Executive Board shall authorise and approve the setting up of a CONSAL Secretariat to administer all CONSAL affairs, events, initiatives, international relations, projects and all associated CONSAL activities
    2. The CONSAL Executive Board shall appoint a CONSAL Secretary General, as the Chief Executive in charge of the Secretariat and the CONSAL Secretary General shall report to and serve as a member of the CONSAL Executive Board.
    3. The term of office of the Secretary-General shall be for an initial period of three years, renewable for a further period of three years, upon all due approvals and authorization of the CONSAL Executive Board.

  2. Functions
    1. The Secretary General of CONSAL shall administer and oversee all Secretariat affairs and the day-to-day management of the Secretariat.
    2. The host country of the CONSAL Secretariat shall fund and pay all costs, charges and outgoings in the administration, staffing and management of the Secretariat.
    3. The CONSAL Secretariat shall plan and execute programmes and activities in accordance with the objectives of CONSAL.
    4. The CONSAL Secretariat shall coordinate and support the implementation of CONSAL-wide projects endorsed by the CONSAL Executive Board.
    5. The CONSAL Secretariat shall maintain a repository of information on CONSAL and all associated activities, including the updating and development of the CONSAL website.
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