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Executive Board

IV. CONSAL Executive Board
  1. Composition
    1. The Executive Board shall comprise the following office-bearers who shall be National members of the host country of the CONSAL General Conference:


    2. Three National members from each member country other than the host country.

  2. Appointment
    1. The Chairman shall be appointed by and from among the three National members of the host country.
    2. Other office-bearers shall be appointed by the Chairman in consultation with the National Library Association of the host country.
    3. National members of the Executive Board shall be represented as follows:

      (a) two shall be represented by the National Library Association, and
      (b) one shall be represented by the National Library.

      In the absence of a National Library, all three National members shall be represented by the National Library Association.

  3. Functions
    1. To implement the resolutions adopted at the previous General Conference of CONSAL.
    2. To maintain the official records of CONSAL and transmit them to the succeeding Executive Board.
    3. To set up committees as deemed necessary.
    4. To undertake other activities in conformity with the objectives of CONSAL.
    5. To delegate to the next host country the organization of the General Conference.
    6. To prioritize recommendations and resolutions presented by the succeeding Executive Board.

  4. Meetings
    1. The Executive Board shall meet at least once in three years during its term of office.
    2. The presence of at least four members countries of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.
    3. The minutes of the meeting of the Executive Board shall take effect after they have been formally endorsed by representatives of member countries to the Executive Board.

  5. Powers

    The Executive Board shall be authorized to negotiate and receive gifts, bequests and subventions directly from international organizations, governments, public and private institutions, associations and individuals.

  6. Finance
    1. The Executive Board shall maintain a Bank Account in the host country under the name of CONSAL.
    2. All cheques drawn on the Account shall be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Executive Board.

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