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III. Membership

Membership shall be opened only to institutions and individuals within the member countries in Southeast Asia.

  1. Categories of membership
    There shall be three categories of membership; namely National, Associate and Honorary membership:
    1. National membership shall be confined to:
      1. the National Library Association
      2. the National Library

    2. Associate membership shall be opened to:
      1. libraries and related organizations
      2. individuals interested in the objectives of CONSAL

    3. Honorary membership shall be conferred to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to CONSAL.

  2. Admission of membership
    1. All applications for National membership and Associate membership shall be submitted and approved by the Executive Board.
    2. Honorary membership shall be conferred by the incumbent Executive Board.

  3. Privileges and Responsibilities of Members
    1. Privileges
      1. Members of all categories shall receive CONSAL Newsletters and other information materials.
      2. Only the National members have the privilege to vote.

    2. Responsibilities
      1. All members are required to uphold the CONSAL Constitution.
      2. All members shall make efforts to participate in and contribute to all CONSAL activities.
      3. National members shall be responsible for the input to CONSAL Newsletters.

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