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Theme: " Libraries in National Development "
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: 21-25 May 1996

This was a special event as the conference was held in 1996, and 1995 marked the twenty -five anniversary years of CONSAL. This conference had also indicated the focus on the attention of policy markers on the role of librarians and libraries in national developments. CONSAL X objective is to conceptualize this vision for Southeast Asian librarians and promote the drawing up of strategic plans towards its realization. It also highlighted the need for guidelines, policies and client charters in the light of paradigm shift in library services as well as to establish strategic linkages and network among Southeast Asian communities.

Theme: " Future Dimensions and Library Development "
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Date: 2-7 May 1993

The theme reflected the concerns of librarians in the developing world that they should not be left behind in the race for the information. Delegates to the CONSAL IX felt, that indeed, IT & T are the new dynamics realities and driving force behind today's revolutionary developments in business, politics, economics and social interaction. There was a meeting of CONSAL IX Executive Board members when they adopted the Amended Constitution on 4 May 1993, which is the Constitution that governs CONSAL today.

Theme: " New Challenges in Library Services in the Developing World "
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Date: 11-14 June 1990

Fifteen years after CONSAL was first held in Indonesia, this country played host again by organizing again in Jakarta. The total number of participants and observers included 462 persons from the ASEAN and 31 persons outside ASEAN as observers. In addition, there were 90 students of the Library School of the University of Indonesia participating as members of the Organizing Committee. The conferences supported financially by the government as well as private establishments.

Theme: " Libraries for Countryside Development in Southeast Asia "
Location: Manila, Philippines
Date: 12-21 February 1987

The Philippines hosted for the second time in the Seventh Congress for Southeast Asian Librarians. There were 633 registered participants from fifteen countries, both members and non-members. Philippines had the biggest delegation of 520 librarians and information specialists. Thailand had 37 participants and 26 were from Malaysia. CONSAL VII was undeniably a success due to the strong commitment to serve and work as a team by the Organizing Committee coupled with the sense of oneness that every Southeast Asian Librarians feels towards each other.

Theme: " The Library in the Information Revolution "
Location: Singapore
Date: 30 May-3 June 1983

CONSAL VI was significant in many ways: it marked the start of the second round of CONSAL conferences after completion of the first round, held consecutively in each of the ASEAN member countries, starting with Singapore. The interval between CONSAL V and VI, normally a three-year interval, was deliberately reduced to two years to enable it to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the official establishment of the National Library of Singapore. This conference had created a new record in the number of participants, more than 400 in all, not only from the Asia-Pacific region but also from Europe and North America. The obstacles that would have to be overcome in hosting CONSAL was identifies like the economic situation in both developed and developing countries have worsen during the past two years, library budgets cut off, staff positions frozen, new projects shelved, and above all, overseas travel reduced to the minimum possible.

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